Tonight at 11pm I Will Begin The 6,12,18,24 Challenge. #NotAllHeroesWearCapes

You can say whatever you want about me, but I don’t duck challenges. I said I would do the 6,12,18,24 challenge and that’s exactly what I’m going to do. In case you’ve been living in a cave this of course is when you need to complete the following four actives in 24 hours. You can rearrange the numbers any way you see fit. It starts tonight at 11pm sharp. My breakdown is as follows;

6 miles
12 beers
18 jerkoffs
24 donuts

Listen I’ve been candid about this the entire time. The 6 miles thing is a huge obstacle for me. I can’t run 100 yards nevermind 6 miles, but I’ve been told I can run/walk. Okay fine. The 18 jerkoffs is cake. I’m gonna knock 3 down tonight. I’m gonna knock 3 down the first hour I wake up tomorrow and then 1 an hour the rest of the day. I’ve mapped it all out. I may even dedicate 4 jerkoffs to all my doubters and haters. That’s what gets me excited. That’s what gets my dick hard in the morning. Proving my doubters wrong. I will be victorious. I will rise above! If you want to follow me I’ll be live tweeting the entire thing @stoolpresidente