The Greatest Ticket Stub of All Time

double dare

On Friday, I blogged about how I owned what I believe to be greatest ticket stub of all time. But also sent out the challenge to see if maybe I was wrong. Was it possible seeing Marc Summers and Double Dare live and in action wasn’t the holy grail?

My criteria for being better is it has to be rare and unique. It can’t just be a game 7, because game 7’s happen every year. Tons of people have game 7 tickets. It can’t be a concert unless it’s from 50 or 100 years ago or you have a ticket stub from seeing Beethoven or something, then you win. But you’d also be dead now so you kinda lose too.

So out of the 10’s and 10’s of entries, these are the top 3 I was sent:


What can you say about Jeopardy that hasn’t already been said? It’s resilient, action packed, and where stars are born and legends are made. Trebek is damn near 90 years old and looks 40. It’s not on the same level as seeing Price is Right with Bob Barker, but it’s a good runner up. Additionally, Jeopardy will probably go down in barstool history as the reason KFC will be dead within the year if he doesn’t lock down a restraining order ASAP.

nohitter ticket

Johan’s no hitter ticket. The reason this is number two is 1) I didn’t get very many submissions, but also 2) because I have been to upwards of 500 baseball games on my short time on Earth and haven’t even sniffed seeing a no-no. To put it in perspective, I’ve seen a video on the internet where a dude literally gets fucked so hard by a big horse dick that he dies, but I’ve never seen a no-hitter.

gladiators ticket

Some motherfucker saw the Gladiators and got to see the tennis ball cannon live and in person. The fact I’m going to die without having seen it in person bothers me to no end.

tennis ball gun

If you didn’t watch Gladiators, and then pretend to play gladiators all the time when you were a kid, you’ve likely never touched a boob.

So of stoolies who sent in a stub of an event they attended, Gladiators wins, obviously. But the real winner of greatest ticket stub of all time goes to this:

miracle on ice ticket

In history, there isn’t a game I would have rather attended than the Miracle on Ice. Like, maybe the first Olympics with Zeus and unicorns n shit, but that’s about it. Besides that, nothing will ever come close to the Miracle on Ice. It is far and away the GOAT ticket stub, of all time.