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Two Guys Stole A Car, But Did The Responsible Adult Thing And Dropped The Kid In The Back Seat Off At School Along The Way

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Wavy - An 8-year-old child told police that two men jumped into his mother’s car while he was waiting to be driven to school — and stole it. Police say the mother works at the post office in the 400 block of West 20th Street, and left her child in the vehicle with it running, so he could listen to music — because she had to be at work before he had to go to school. When she returned to the parking lot, she discovered both her vehicle and son were gone. According to police, the thieves noticed there was a child in the car, so they asked where he went to school. The men dropped the child off at his school, Ghent Elementary School, then took off.  When police went to the school, they found the child sitting in class like nothing happened, according to police spokesman Daniel Hudson.


Absolute best thing is how they found the kid just sitting at his desk in school as if nothing weird happened at all. Two dude bust into the car he’s sitting in and drop him off at school, and he is like “eh, fuck it, I probably would have been late anyway”. Seems like pretty responsible car thieves to me. Wouldn’t be shocked if they stopped at McDonald’s and got the kid some breakfast on the way to school too. Just two good natured thieves who picked the wrong car to steal that day. Instead of pressing charges the court should make these guys to give the kid a ride to school every day so his mom can do her job without worry. A happy ending that works out well for everyone.

h/t Brad