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New Personal Trainer At This Gym Might Be The Best Personal Trainer Ever


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via reddit


What a resumé!  I don’t work out but I’d at least think about it if Chuck M. was my personal trainer.  He’s got it all.  Can he punch a ghost?  Check.  Can he sneak up on anyone?  Check.  Yells at pigeons?  Check.  Is he really strong?  Mother fucking check. That’s all you need in a personal trainer.  I also like that he’s not certified.  Really sticking it to The Man.  Sneaky funniest thing listed is “Presidential Fitness Award, 1996″  Not only is it funny but impressive, if true.  Those awards were hard to get (at least for me).  I never got one and always hated the kids who would get them every single year.  Fuck those kids.  Seriously.  They were always the kids who developed super early in elementary school and could do 80 push ups and run a two minute mile.  Buncha assholes.  Except Chuck M.  I bet he was the only cool person who ever received the Presidential Fitness Award.


This logo still gives me nightmares.

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