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Flop Of The Century - Soccer Player Gets Charlie Horse, Acts Like His Entire Leg Just Exploded





As many of you know by now I have done my best to embrace the sport of soccer. I get up and watch EPL on Saturday mornings (I bet on it), I hired a soccer writer, and I’ve started to understand the nuances of the game much more than I ever imagined. But there is one thing I can’t stand, one thing that will always keep me from becoming a full footy fan, the flopping. Every other second a guy is acting like he’s dead. Acting like there is a sniper in the building. Acting like his leg got pinned backwards under his entire body by an opposing player thus  breaking every bone, muscle and artery in a spectacularly horrific accident.  Enough, I’m sick of it. Shake it off and get back out there. Look at Wes Welker for christ sakes, dude has had a billion concussions and he’s still playing football. Whenever I think soccer players are tough they go and do something like this and get super dramatic about a simple charlie horse. It’s pathetic, pussies.



And I puked.

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And again


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Today is the 30 year anniversary of Joe Theisman. Little eery.

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