Kevin Bieska Got Some Free Dental Work Last Night In Fight With Mike Fisher


I don’t know what it is about Kevin Bieksa but something about him has always rubbed me the wrong way. Probably because he’s spent his entire career so far with the Canucks and the Ducks who are extremely hateable teams. Bieska has always been kind of an asshole and just a few minutes into last night’s game against the Predators he decided to mix things up a bit. That’s when Mike Fisher came in and proceeded to give him a free root canal with his fists. Ready….. fight

Pow. Right in the kisser. Looking a lot like Holly Holm on Ronda Rousey out there. Just a good clean connection with that left jab and now Bieska’s grill is even uglier than it was heading into the game. And not only did Mike Fisher win the fight, but the Predators won the game and then he won life because he got to go home to Carrie Underwood. Some guys just have all the luck.




Best legs in the biz. Have mercy.