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Friends Decide To Send Each Other Nudes Of Their GFs As Long As They Delete Them...One Friend Gets Caught With The Nudes Not Deleted

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Minka Kelly, total babe, not their girlfriend.



So a couple of my friends decided they’d send each other nudes of each other’s girlfriends, with the gentleman’s agreement to delete nude after looking.

A couple months went by, friend A decides to go into friend B’s phone to see if he can find anymore nudes of friend B’s GF…. But while snooping he finds the original nude he sent of his own GF saved in the phone.

Our group of friends can’t settle it, so we decided to leave it up to the Stoolies.

Who’s wrong, Friend A for going through his own friends phone looking for nudes, or Friend B for saving the nude?

PS. The best part is after he saw his own GF nude in the friends phone, he didn’t delete the pic


Ok well there’s the question at hand. Bros decide to share their naked gfs with each other which I find insane but I guess that’s what the college kids are doing these days. This guy is asking who is wrong: Friend A for going through the phone to find more nudes, or friend B for not deleting it like they agreed upon.

The answer is complicated. The real issue here is that Friend A is in love with friend B’s girlfriend. That’s abundantly clear. He’s obsessed with her. I almost want to say this entire email is fake because no guy should ever go through another guy’s phone, but he’s in love with that girl so it was almost like he couldn’t help himself. He needed to see more like a cokehead who needs another bump.

As for friend B saving the picture of friend A’s gf, I mean, of course he did. Nobody wants to see their own girlfriend naked after the first couple of times, you want to see every other girl. Did they really expect each other to delete them? I doubt it.

That’s my opinion on this whole thing. It’s really no big deal that they all saved the pictures, the bigger deal is the guy being in love with the other guy’s girl to the point he’d look through his buddy’s phone. Again, I find it hard to believe that actually happened, but I’m willing to believe it for the sake of the email, meaning if someone actually made it up they are even crazier than if it did happen.

He really wants to know stoolies opinion on this, so sound off if you’ve got a pair.