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Ladies And Gentlemen, The Shayne Gostisbehere Era Has Officially Begun (Again)

Saturday night Shayne Gostisbehere helped the Flyers tie the game late in the 3rd period against the Hurricanes which ended with a much needed overtime win for the Orange and Black. Initially Ghost was awarded with the goal but it was eventually given to Wayne Simmonds (hence why I jumped the gun on declaring the era Saturday night). So Ghost’s first career NHL goal had to be put on hold for a little, BFD.

But luckily the kid has an absolute fucking cannon for a shot and in just his 2nd game with the Flyers this season, he blasted this one past Jonathan Quick early in the 1st tonight to give the Flyers a 1-0 lead on Simon Gagne night. Ghost is so dangerous on that PP1 unit and as much as the Flyers blow ass this year, there is so much potential within the next few years. Ghost, Morin, Sanheim, Provorov, Haag, Konecny. I know I talk about them a lot but it’s becasue they deserve all the hype they’re getting right now. The Phuture is bright and the Shayne Gostisbehere era is here. Now buy a goddamn shirt.