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This Picture of the End Zones Both Being Painted With ND Colors Is the Lowest Point in the History of BC




Let all the Superfans start freaking out…”Hey Pres you dummy this is a home game for ND! It was their choice to play this game at Fenway, blah, blah,” Well you know what? That’s even more embarrassing! That another college football team would actually be willing to have their home game in your hometown. That they know the crowd will still be 80% Irish even though BC is 5 minutes down the road. Yeah I know BC stinks. I know they are a 2nd tier football program. But have some pride. Be a dude for once! BC needs to rise up and win this football game, because embarrassing doesn’t even begin to describe how embarrassing this is. To have a team from Indiana cuckhold you in your own city.  Somewhere Scotty Diamond quietly cries into his tuba.