LAST CALL For This Sat's Charity Blowout For The LiftED Project In Philly, Boston, NYC, And Other Cities

CLICK HERE TO GET A TICKET FOR Boston, DC, NYC, Denver, SF, or Seattle

Enough is enough. I’m blogging this bitch everyday till it sells out in ALL the cities. Why? Because it’s worth it not only for charity, but for enjoyment standards. 5 hr open bar/food with smokes galore for $105 85 bucks? Thank you sir may I have another.

You wanna get nuts? COME ON. Let’s get nuts. Now we got one of the best cover bands in the world – Go Go Gadget – in our corner ready to dance. It’s officially crunch time as the night of all nights is less than a week away. Saturday February, 6th. Day before the Super Bowl.


Philly, Boston, NYC, DC as well as Denver and SF will be hosting a party the Saturday before the Super Bowl in 2016 (Feb 6th). Basically it’s just a bunch of young professionals and Stoolies getting together, black tie it up at a location wayyyyy to fancy for any one of us, absolutely rage out, and raise cash and awareness for a great cause. Win-win-wins all around. All the money goes to to charities chosen directly.

That’s all for now, but for real, this is a great event run by great people for a better cause. Do your Stoolie duty, get involved, and let’s drink until I don’t feel sad about moving back to that city of shit.