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Oklahoma Fan Gets Black Out For The Baylor Game, Heads Back And Passes Out At The Hilton...Oops, It Was Actually The Local Courthouse

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Waco TribA drunken Oklahoma Sooners fan who thought he was at the Waco Hilton but instead was found sleeping in the McLennan County Courthouse got to spend the rest of the day at the “Harwell Hilton,” deputies said.

Deputies responding to a burglar alarm at the courthouse about 8:15 a.m. Saturday found Harold Anthony Schroeder, 35, of Oklahoma City, curled up between the counsel rail and the first-row seats in the 54th State District Courtroom.

Wearing a crimson Oklahoma Sooners shirt, a groggy Schroeder sat on a bench in the courthouse rotunda and tried to explain to deputies that he thought he was at the Hilton.

Deputies noted in reports that Schroeder smelled strongly of alcohol.

Deputies arrested Schroeder on a Class B misdemeanor criminal trespass charge, and he was released from the county jail about 2:15 p.m. Saturday after posting $1,000 bond.

Criminal trespass? $1K bond? What the fuck? Only thing criminal here is actually pressing charges on this guy. I mean it’s not like he was trying to steal anything. Not like he was trying to cause any mischief. Guy just walked in, curled up in a ball and went to sleep. Sure I guess the law book says that’s technically illegal, but can we use a little common sense and understanding here? If there was ever a valid excuse for getting a little too drunk and ending up thinking the floor of a dark empty courthouse was your King bed room at the Hilton, it’s being in town to watch your team pummel the #6 team in the country and singlehandedly knock them out of the College Football Playoff conversation…

Hey, wait a minute.

Deputies responding to a burglar alarm at the courthouse about 8:15 a.m. Saturday

This was BEFORE the game? God damn man, learn how to pace yourself for me one time! Make the trip all the way to Waco then get way too excited and wayyyyy too obliterated on the first night… Rookie move. (Also known as every bachelor party you’ve ever been to.)

It was unclear Monday whether Schroeder made it to Saturday night’s Baylor-Oklahoma game at McLane Stadium.

McLennan County Sheriff’s Capt. Steve Smith said courthouse videos show Schroeder entering the second floor of the courthouse through the Washington Avenue entrance after climbing the steep, limestone stairs. Smith said investigators are unsure how he got into the building but think it is possible that the slide lock on the door was not engaged properly and the door opened when Schroeder gave it a shove or two.

Smith said Schroeder was not charged with burglary of a building because his intent was not to steal anything — he was just looking for a place to sleep. He told deputies he didn’t know how he ended up in a third-floor courtroom, Smith said.

A courthouse employee who asked not to be identified said she entered the building from the North Fifth Street side Saturday morning and heard the alarm sounding. Deputies asked her to leave while they searched the building, but she said she heard Schroeder say he and his friends had been drinking at a downtown bar and he left, thinking he was walking to the Hilton.

She said his friends told courthouse officials that they looked for him when he didn’t make it back to the Hilton.