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I Don't Understand How There Are Still People Defending The Terrorists


(Source) Not everyone believes Dzhokhar Tsarnaev is a terrorist.

Despite seemingly overwhelming evidence pointing toward his involvement in the Boston Marathon attack a week ago, there is a group of people who know Tsarnaev who are remaining loyal to the 19-year-old. The Internet has expanded that group into those who don’t know Tsarnaev but are nonetheless supportive, whether sympathetic or inspired by other messages.

Anzor Tsarnaev, Dzhokhar’s father, said in an interview that his sons were “set up” and they are “very nice kids” with no experience with weapons or explosives. Zubeidat Tsarnaev, Dzhokhar’s mother, added, “I am really, really, really telling you this is a set-up.”

Others who knew Dzhokhar have described him as a “sweet guy,” a “lovely kid,” and a “wonderful kid.” His wrestling coach has said he’s “dedicated’ and “all the kids loved him.” One friend posted a video of Dzhokhar goofing off like any other teenager and writes, “This is the Jahar I knew.” Even a look through his tweets show plenty of posts you’d expect from a 19-year-old, with little evidence that he carried out the bombing.

On social media, support has caused #FreeJahar to trend on Twitter and photos of support to be shared on Facebook and Instagram. Wired calls the #FreeJahar campaign “a mix of conspiracy theories, sympathy for Tsarnaev and skepticism of the official narrative surrounding the 19-year-old’s arrest.” The Verge notes that for every message supporting Dzhokhar, “there’s a user expressing vitriolic disgust that Tsarnaev supporters exist.”


Fuck these people. Honestly. I get the whole innocent until proven guilty thing. I fundamentally understand it. Not only that but I agree with it. The fact that everyone gets their day in court is part of what makes our country great. That we give people a chance to defend themselves. But this is just absurd. I don’t get how people still defend these scumbags. They Murdered an 8 year old. They threw bombs at police officers and killed a cop in cold blood. They wanted all Americans dead and hated everything about our country. And that’s not just what I heard. That’s what I have seen. I mean people have looked at these pictures right?


That’s not a fucking conspiracy. That’s not a set up. They wanted to murder as many Americans as possible. They told the guy they hijacked the only reason they didn’t kill him is because he wasn’t American. That happened. So for anyone who defends these guys or shouts about conspiracies or talks about how a nice kid could never do such a thing, SHUT. THE. FUCK. UP. I’m sick of it. It’s absolutely disgusting.


Oh and I’m not sure people saw this picture or not but it was awesome. Streets of Watertown where the firefight went down and the older brother got run over. These colors don’t run.