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Packer Fan Thinks God Has Cursed Aaron Rodgers Because Olivia Munn Openly Talked About Their Sex Life

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Love this take by a Packer/Cardinal fan (I’m just assuming he’s a Cardinals fan as well). Think about it, what’s the number 1 thing all great teams have? Offensive line? Playmakers on the outside? Great coaching? Dominant Defense? A Franchise quarterback? Nope, GOD. If you don’t glorify God what’s even the point of lacing them up on Sunday. And not to go out and agree with any old nutball on the internet but it’s hard to argue that God hasn’t cursed the Packers. Meanwhile, Cutler is having a fantastic season, the Bears are the hottest 4-5 team in the NFL, and he’s about to have his third child IN wedlock. Is that a coincidence? You tell me because those glory boy “stars” up north are sucking while the blue collared safe sex guys in the big city are ROLLING. Point Bears, have fun with that God curse Green Bay.




“Ewwww Gross” -Me, God, and Intewedm

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