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9-Year-Old Kid Could Face Sexual Harassment Charges For Passing A Love Note To A Girl In Class

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Orlando Sentinel- Florida mother was shocked when her 9-year-old son’s principal told her the boy could face sexual harassment charges if he didn’t stop passing love notes to a girl in his fourth grade class, according to WFTS. The note mentioned how the girl’s “eyes sparkled like diamonds” and when classmates found out they started to tease the boy by saying he wanted to see the girl naked. It was the teasing and disruption that caused the principal to get involved, the TV station reports. The mother says she was told that if her son doesn’t stop passing notes then he could potentially get in trouble for sexual harassment. The Hillsborough County school denies threatening to get authorities involved but said sending unwanted notes does border on harassment. Click here to read more on this story at



We gotta lock this kid up and throw away the key.  I’m with the principal on this one. Sexual harassment charges?  Sure. Absolutely.  That’s totally what that is and isn’t an overreaction at all. Arrest him right now and throw him in a prison cell for the rest of his days.  I don’t want him arrested because I think what he did was a big deal. Kids passing love notes is a part of growing up. Ever hear of gel pens? That was sexting before sexting.  If a girl ever wrote you a love note in elementary school in gel pen that meant she was down to fuck/maybe make eye contact with you and say, “I like you.” by the jungle gym. No, we need to lock this kid up because I can’t have a 9-year-old out there who has better game than I do. Like, way better. “Your eyes sparkle like diamonds”?  What the fuck dude? Take it easy there, Sinatra.  That’s 100x more romantic than anything I’ve ever said to a girl. I need this kid off the streets. I can’t compete with that. My only move is to get us both drunk enough to the point where I look a little less like a gargoyle-faced dinner roll. I’m absolutely stealing this kid’s “Your eyes sparkle like diamonds” line. That’s like fishing with dynamite.