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Geno Smith Reportedly Called A Media Member A Dickhead After Thursday Night's Game


NY Daily News – Smith reportedly called a media member asking for a postgame interview a “d—head” after declining the request in the locker room at MetLife Stadium last Thursday. The third-year signal caller declined to speak to reporters on Monday to provide further explanation. The incident could be overlooked if not for Smith’s litany of poor choices that will likely make this his final season with the Jets. It’s the latest in a string of troubling behavior for a guy who plays a position of leadership in his sport. A successful NFL quarterback must possess more than a strong arm. He must make smart decisions on and off the field. He must inspire and galvanize teammates. Smith is 1 for 5. Todd Bowles is the embodiment of a leader, so it was curious that he didn’t discuss this latest misstep with Smith. The head coach told Calvin Pryor that the safety doesn’t have to tell the world everything on his mind in the wake of critical comments about Rex Ryan. Bowles should have taken a similar approach with Smith, whose behavior was unprofessional and unacceptable. “(Depending) on the circumstances, it could have not been his fault,” Bowles said of the incident. “He’s a grown man. He can say what he wants. From what I heard, he didn’t say anything disrespectful… and that he didn’t fire back… It was no big deal. It was a passing shot.”

I have a question. Is Geno Smith the dumbest motherfucker alive? How can this dude STILL NOT GET IT? How can he still be stirring up controversy? How can he still be making enemies???? Its mind blowing. Everything this guy does – both on and off the field – hurts his career. Every shitty performance and every off the field controversy is just one step closer to him becoming a life long backup. At best.

He’s made enemies with the fans, flipping them off as he ran into the tunnel last year. He’s made enemies with his teammates, getting knocked out by a 5th round scrub. And once again he’s making enemies with the media. Who knows why or how this was said. I know the media sucks. And Geno even disputes the story that he owed IK Enemkpali money and says the media twisted it. None of that matters. The media member in question probably is a dickhead. Thats not the point. The point is Geno Smith constantly showing time and time again why he’ll never be a real quarterback. The main reason being he just sucks at the sport, but he can’t help that. What he can help is being a loudmouth idiot. It just blows my mind how someone can continually be that stupid and shoot themselves in the foot this many times.

You can’t necessarily control everything on the field. (Although thats exactly what franchise QBs do) But you most certainly can control what you do off the field and Geno Smith consistently makes the wrong choice. Baffling.

And whats even more concerning is Todd Bowles kinda having his back. I know you gotta be a player’s coach sometimes. I know if its your guy vs the media you gotta back up your guy. But Todd Bowles should not be sticking his neck out for this dude. This team should barely have anything to do with him, let alone support him when he makes another bonehead decision. Again I know we’re all big boys and girls and saying the word “dickhead” shouldnt really mean anything. Seems silly to make a big deal out of it but you KNOW the media and the public will so shut. the. fuck. up.