Black Lives Matter Protest Invades Dartmouth Library



Listen I’m not gonna freak out about this protest. If these kids want to stomp around in the library for a couple minutes and do cute chants knock yourself out. Obviously if they stayed there for more than 5 or 10 minutes that would be a problem. But honestly if I was in the library this circus would be a welcome distraction from studying. But I would want to knock out this chick.





Just flashing the bird to people? What’s that all about? Just because you’re black doesn’t mean you can flip everybody the bird whenever you feel like it. And you certainly can’t get mad at people videotaping you making a fool out of yourself. That’s probably my biggest pet peeve with these Black Lives Matter protesters. They love making a scene, disrupting your day, causing havoc and then when you try to take a picture or videotape they freak the fuck out like you just tried to reinstate slavery. It’s banananland. Don’t protest if you can’t take people staring at you can and recording you. Don’t protest if you’re gonna scream profanities at people or give them the bird for looking at you. We get it already. Black lives matter. You know what else? Nerds studying in the library lives matter too. That seems to be the major disconnect with these protesters. They think because their lives matter nobody else’s does anymore.