News Graphic Identifies President Obama As The Suspect In A Rape Investigation


Whoops!  I kinda wish I worked in a newsroom where something like this happens just to see the behind the scenes of how it happened.  Like is there a morning meeting where the boss says, “Alright so there’s the story on the rape suspect.  We’re gonna need his picture in the graphic for the story.  Tony, can you take care of that?  Thanks.”  And then Tony just doesn’t?  For whatever reason.  Tony just doesn’t do his job and then when the rape story airs it’s a picture of the most powerful man on the planet and the news station gets blown up by blogs.  Is that what happens?  Or is Tony snaky pushing his politics into the newscast and he did this on purpose?  Props to the on-air lady for pretending like she didn’t notice.  True professional right there.


PS- Cue the people out there being like, “Well, he is a rape suspect FOR RAPING THIS COUNTRY!”  Thanks Obama.