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Irish Dude Takes A Trip To Vegas With His GoPro Facing The Wrong Way The Entire Time




We’ve finally reached the mountain top.  Peak Dad. It doesn’t get any more Dad than that.  No corny pun-filled joke of any caliber can possibly be more Dad-like than a Dad going to Las Vegas with his GoPro and have it facing the wrong way the entire time. So very Dad. Him pointing out all of the sites and sounds of Sin City while shirtless in his hotel room was laugh out funny.  We’re just staring at his adventurous face as he wanders around, laughing it up and possibly having a seizure around the 3 1/2 minute mark. He does have some self awareness which was a nice bonus. Him saying, “I’m the tourist everybody hates” was so spot on.  The dude with a GoPro on a selfie stick who records every second of every minute of their vacation is extremely hateable. It’s either him or the packs of Asians that roam all over Vegas in the running for Most Hateable Tourists.  I’l go ahead and say the Asian packs are worse since they have zero self awareness and will not hesitate to stampede anyone who dares get in their way.