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Ryan Lochte Is The World's Biggest Fraud

So last night I somehow stumbled my way into watching Ryan Lochte’s new reality show. I’m not proud of it, it’s just something that sort of happened on a Sunday night when I was looking for anything to distract me from the upcoming week. And what did I learn from this show? That Ryan Lochte is the world’s biggest fraud. First of all, I get that it’s reality television and that 99.9% of the things they do are completely staged. Lochte basically pretends that he is a swimming/partying machine and that all he does is kick it with his super chill friends and zany family. Fine. We all know it’s not real and that he’s a douchebag. But then this happened. In a scene where Lochte was just “casually” playing some good old fashioned touch football with his friends, we see this…

Is this serious? I get that reality TV is fake but you can’t tell me Ryan Lochte loves playing football with his friends and then have him throwing like a fucking 6 year old girl. I don’t think I’ve ever seen anyone grip a football like that in my life. Its not even one of those “He was never taught properly” things. Its just unnatural. Hand anyone a football and they find the laces. Inexcusable. This may sound like a hyperbolized reaction but as far as I’m concerned Lochte is no longer an American. And I know its just a football but its more than that. If you hold a football like this you’re not a real human being in my eyes. Terrorists and serial killers and people that harm puppies hold their football’s like this. Plain and simple. Fraud City, population Ryan Lochte.