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UPDATE - Miami Herald Journalist Armando Salguero Says Tweeting "Boom" Reacting To Edelman's Injury News Was Not Celebratory and Is Now Threatening Me...Ding Ding Ding






It’s not often you see journalists openly celebrating injuries to players. Like an actual pro football HOF voter openly rooting for career ending injuries. Just stunning disgusting behavior, but with the Patriots nothing surprises me. The jealousy and hatred run so deep. Years and years of watching the Pats walk into Miami and bitchslap the Dolphins finally taking it’s toll.  Week in and week out hoping the bad man loses only to get your guts ripped out and shoved down your eyeballs.  Watching the Pats emasculate your entire livelihood time and time again. The only thing left to do is root for injuries and make up fake stories about the Patriots. If it’s not Little Bobby Kravitz in Indy it’s Little Armando in Miami. Just disgusting behavior from disgusting humans.


UPDATE – It’s a gutter war now on twitter.