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Big Snacking News: Cheetos Is Launching a Cinnamon Sugar Flavor Called "Sweetos"

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USA Today – Snackers soon will have an excuse to turn their fingers cinnamon brown instead of cheesy orange. Just ahead of Easter, Frito-Lay’s Cheetos brand in late February will roll out Cheetos Sweetos — a cinnamon, sugar puff snack. Sweetos is the first sweet snack that Cheetos has cranked out in the brand’s 67-year history. “This is not a short-term strategy,” says Jeff Klein, vice president of brand marketing for Frito-Lay North America. “We are looking for growth outside of the cheese puff segment.” A 7-ounce bag of Sweetos, dusted in brown speckles, will fetch $3.49. Frito-Lay is looking into other sweet Cheetos flavor options, but Klein declined to name or describe them for competitive reasons.


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Pretty big news to wake up to. Sure terrible things are still happening in this world like cancer, terrorism, and under-inflated footballs, but Cheetos launching a new flavor has to be in the conversation of most intriguing news since the creation of the lightbulb. A sweet, cinnamon sugar flavored Cheeto? Color me interested. I’d like to get to know this snack. I appreciate them not straight up calling it a Cheeto too. Everyone knows in order to be a Cheeto, it has to have cheese. It’s like when they made chocolate Skittles. Uhhh no, that’s not how Skittles work. Have a little integrity for me, Skittles. Cheetos is doing it right. And they are taking a bold, bold step by making it cinnamon sugar. Because let’s have some real talk: what was the last time you heard of cinnamon sugar? It’s not exactly the hottest flavor in the streets right now. Everyone gets all googoo gaga over pumpkin spice in the fall and then red velvet in the Winter (what even is red velvet if not cake dyed red?). If these jaunts turn out to be a puffy, cheeto inspired bag reminiscent of Cinnamon Toast Crunch, well cancel all my meetings and hold all my calls and buy me a fresh box of tissues if you catch my drift.