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Ladies And Gentlemen, The Shayne Gostisbehere Era Has Officially Begun

As of right now they are crediting Shayne Gostisbehere with the goal here even though it looks like the puck may or may not have have deflected off of Wayne Simmonds in front of the net. But either way, the Ghost Bear got called up today for the first time this season to fill in for an injured Mark Streit and this is what the kid does in his first game up with the big boys in 2015. That move he made was just incredible. So much confidence for a guy with such little experience. Ghost is going to be so good and you can tell that there’s plenty to be excited about for the Future Flyers. This goal tied up the game late in the 3rd period (yes, the Flyers played miserably against the Hurricanes for the majority of the game) and it took the team to overtime. And then that’s where Jake Voracek, just 17 games into the season, got his first goal of the year.

What a pass from Del Zotto right there. So now that Jake finally has his first of the season, that’s a HUGE monkey to get off not only his back but the entire team’s back. You could tell that they’ve been trying to force him the puck lately so he could get his first. Now the flood gates are opened and everyone else can just worry about themselves instead of worrying about Jake. It may not have been the prettiest night ever, but a goal from Ghost Bear and a goal from Voracek makes this a great night to be a Flyers fan. And in 2015-16, there probably won’t be too many great nights so we have to cherish each one we get.

P.S. – The Flyers also called up Taylor Leier from Lehigh Valley who made his NHL debut tonight. With a head of hair like Leier has, it’s a damn catastrophe that he hasn’t been up in the NHL all season long. Feathered and lethal.