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This Seagull Getting Killed During a Cricket Match Then Returning To Life And Getting Revenge Is A Great Video To End Your Day


Heroic effort by that bird. Guy got steamrolled over by the cricket ball and was dead. Knocked the fuck out, was up in bird heaven without a doubt. Then miraculously not only came back to life with a shit eating grin on his face, but then reclaimed his spot on the field. MVP, gutsy performance. Nobody expected the bird to come back, much like Paul Kariya coming back after that Scott Stevens hit. Devestating blow, but won’t keep the star player out for long. That bird wasn’t going to let some stupid ball run it’s life. Nothing but respect.

PS: Cricket is a stupid game and not even exciting to watch. And when the cricket players all take over the fields with their sandals and dumb paddle looking rackets it gives me high blood pressure. Play a real sport.

PS: Let’s think about that Kariya hit. He was dead on the ice for quite a while, completely unconscious, and then he returned to the game. Concussion, consmussion.