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Mexican Drug Cartels Are Now Using Drones To Fly Their Drugs Across The Border...Game Changer

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CNN - A smuggler’s drone flying from Mexico crash-landed just south of the U.S. border city of San Ysidro, California, in a failed drug delivery this week, the Tijuana Municipal Police said. The incident showed that smugglers aren’t just going underground any more, using tunnels beneath the U.S.-Mexico border to transport drugs and migrants. Now the smugglers are trying to do business by air, too, in unmanned aerial vehicles. The drone was loaded with more than 6 pounds of the synthetic drug crystal meth, Tijuana police said. The drone crashed Tuesday night in a supermarket parking lot in Tijuana. Apparently the smugglers became too greedy, authorities said. The silver and black, six-propeller Spreading Wings S900 model was not able to withstand the weight of the load and crashed, police said. “In San Diego, the street value, at last account, for a 6-pound load would be about $48,000,” DEA Special Agent Matt Barden said. “Once you get it across the border, that stuff’s like gold.” “The cartels have been using drones for surveillance. Transporting drugs is a bit more complicated,” said Sylvia Longmire, a leading drug war analyst. “This is further evidence that the cartels have unlimited funds and creativity.”


Love it. Love the cartels getting with the times. Tunneling is so 2000 and late. If you aren’t flying your drugs over the border in 2015 you might as well not even show up to the Meth convention at all. Everyone will just laugh at you for being the poor people cartel. Sure you still make the disposable runts dig a tunnel for some of the deliveries- but the every day jobs, just send the remote control helicopter, no biggie. Pretty sick that they can willy nilly fly and lose 6 pounds of crystal and not care. I mean sure, someone and his entire family just got murdered and had their bodies dissolved in barrels of acid because of it, but the cartel itself can still easily afford to lose 6 measly pounds. 6 pounds is nothing. Tuco did 6 pounds on a standard Tuesday afternoon.