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This Is Not Your Grandfather's Home Shopping Network


Now obviously the commentary over that was added after the fact but I’m led to believe that segment of QVC is real?  Mercy. Things done changed over there.  I might have to start tuning in more often.  Never in my life have I seen advertisement like that on there. It’s usually gaudy jewelry or an outdated GPS device or some kitchen appliance you will literally never ever need.  I’ve seen every QVC commercial there is. Or at least I thought I had. My grandpa used to have that stuff on his TV 24/7 when I would go hang out with him. We’d be watching it and there would be some electronic keyboard on there that looked kinda cool and then a few days later an electric keyboard would show up on grandpa’s front porch. He loved ordering things off there. Stuff he didn’t need. But I know for a fact there was never any big-titted ladies in spandex walking around back then. As a kid who was raging with hormones at the time I would’ve noticed and ejaculated myself to Neptune.