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We Got Him!


I’ve been up for 36 hours. I’ve been listening to a police scanner for 22 straight hours. I’ve manhunted harder than I ever thought I could manhunt. And we got him. Unreal. What a fucking wild ride. Now we find out who this fucker works for and take them all down. We’re just getting started. Lets manhunt them all. I have a fever and the only prescription is more manhunting.



All seriousness, besides tweeting I did nothing. Unbelievable heroism by the police and swat and FBI to  essentially chase a ticking time bomb for the past 2 days straight.  Biggest balls in the world. I can’t even imagine. And its absolutely tragic that so many were killed and injured in the past week, but this has to feel like a victory for all those impacted. They showed why our country is the best country in the history of the world. You fuck with us, we’ll stand up, come together and fuck you up,  plain and simple. America, Fuck Yeah!

thanks to @mangymatt for the pic