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Hardo Of The Year Candidate: Bear Grylls Smashes Through Window On A Morning Talk Show

(fast forward to about 1:35 unless you wanna hear those two people pretend for a minute and a half like they don’t know Bear Grylls is about to come crashing through their window)


He’s late!  He’s late!  Where is here?!  Wait a second, is that a speed boat?!  Hardooooooooooo.  Obviously the whole thing is staged and I’m pretty sure that makes it worse.  It’s only February and Bear might take the award this year.  Good luck topping that all you try-hards out there.  Late arriving on speed boats?  Check.  Hanging from the side of a tall building with just a rope?  Check.  Smashing through a plate glass window and then doing a talk show interview?  Check.  That’s the trifecta.  Is Bear Grylls still famous?  I never got into his outdoor show when it was popular because I was convinced he was staying in a hotel suite and scarfing down McDonald’s off the highway whenever the cameras weren’t on.  I guess these are the things you gotta do when that countdown clock of fame starts ticking down.


Remember when Jackass was all the rage and Johnny Knoxville was on Letterman and he jumped down from the rafters as an entrance?  That was real because Knoxville could’ve busted his shit (and kinda did)  This Bear Grylls thing was faker than Pam Anderson’s tits.*


*I typed that out and then went to look for the video.  It doesn’t exist?  I actually can’t find any proof that it even happened at all.  Did I dream that Johnny Knoxville jumped from the rafters on Letterman?  No way.  I know that happened.  I feel like I’m taking crazy pills.