Black Students At Cornell Protest White Students At Cornell Hijacking Their Black Protest Movements





LOL. Is there anything hotter in the streets right now than college white kids pretending to care about black causes? It’s the new hipster thing to do. Forget about getting the new iphone. White kids everywhere scratching and clawing over each other to be the first to protest on the behalf of black people. Doesn’t even matter if the black people don’t want these crackers speaking for them either.  Doesn’t matter if these white kids have no clue what they are actually protesting about. Nope.  You got serial protesters searching for causes to protest like normal kids look for spots to go on spring break. Protesting so hot right now. Protesting.

PS – The Cornell white kids were forced to cancel their #blacklivesmatter protest. #prayforwhitekidsnotbeingabletoprotestforblackkids


Double PS – Need more Andy Benard’s in this world




Imagine trying to tell Grimace she couldn’t protest?  She’d swallow you whole…