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Begging Jason Campbell To Un-Retire Has To Be The Lowest Move A Franchise Can Make

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Now I know the argument could be made that this was the lowest move in a franchise’s history.




But I’m here to tell you it’s not, it’s trying to get Jason Campbell to un-retire so that he can suck on your football team. We are in a national crisis people, I don’t think anyone has fully grasped this. The Quarterback position is officially an endangered species. Like you know when someone kills a whale or a rhino and the whole world flips out and cries about the murder of a species on the precipice of extinction? That should be the reaction when the Colts try to get Jason Campbell out of retirement to back up their already 40 year old quarterback in Matt Hasselback. We seriously don’t have anyone else? There are no other calls that can be made? We’ve got McCown brothers starting, we’ve got Landry Jones getting time, Jimmy Clausen has played in a game this year, and Ryan Fitzpatrick has somehow become a really good option in the NFL. It’s insanity. Will anyone think of the quarterbacks? We need a fundraiser or one of those rubber wristbands to promote awareness, the NFL quarterback situation is in dire straights and I don’t know how much I can handle.




Still one of my favorite pictures though. Thug Crew, mount up.


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