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Getcha 2016 Philadelphia Phillies Wall Calendar Featuring Cole, Chase, And More Stars For Other Teams While It's Hot!



Good looks, Phils! Cole Hamels, Chase Utley, Jimmy Rollins, Ben Revere – All traded away in 2015. Dominic Brown would have been a slap to the sac of the fanbase being featured on the calendar while he was on the team. I don’t even know how to feel to see him get a month now he’s not even stealing money and hope from the Phillies anymore. I know, I know, they probably put the orders in for these things a year ago, which explains no Franco or Nola. But can you really blame this organization for not even trying to change the egregious errors? Putting Aaron Harang, Mario Hollands, or Aaron Altherr doesn’t exactly jump off the page, even though motherfucking David Buchannan did make the cut when he shouldn’t even be invited to Spring Training. If anything they should just make it a Phillies Legends calendar or something. Sneak a couple of these bums between Hall Of Fame talent and things all of a sudden look so bad. Put Freddy Galvis between Mike Schmidt and Richie Ashburn and all of a sudden people forget he’s going to be hovering around the Mendoza Line for the rest of his life.

I still hate this team, for now.