Ryan Whitney's Wednesday Night Draft Kings Lineup

Only two games this evening but they are both good ones. Montreal is a buzz saw right now. Don’t like admitting it but they are fun to watch and I wouldn’t be surprised to see Crosby go tits out for the boys on national tv.  My ode to bigcat
The late tilt could be a fast, good game to stay up for but it also could be 60 minutes of turnovers and sloppy hockey. All depends on which ducks team shows up.  Slim pickings in draftkings tonight but gotta give it a shot. Sorry New Yorkers… you got bent over with daily fantasy being banned
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C – Getzlaf ($6,600) – Will come out firing to try to make up for that tough turnover in OT the other night versus Phoenix. It’s been a tough start but if he spent his career in New York or Boston he would be an even bigger superstar than he already he is.  It’s only a matter of time until he breaks out and he’s playing the oilers.


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C – Galchenyuk ($4,600) – I love his game—probably why I’ve picked him in every one of my lineups but cause he’s always around the puck and on score sheet it seems like. In my opinion he is gonna be a big reason why USA will lose out on having this “under 24” team in the World Cup. No him or Eichel fucks over the Stars and Stripes


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W – Perry ($6,700) – When you go Getzlaf you go Perry. Mini messier and the worm… 2 beasts who have done it all.



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W – Kessel ($7,300) – Phill the thrill is one of my favorite players. Starting to heat up and knows le habitants.


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W – Beau Bennett ($2,600) Hes playing with Kessel and Crosby so I read. Bo knows


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D – Sami Vatanen ($5,200) – Feel like if Anaheim scores he’s involved. On the PP with Perry and Getzlaf and has a cannon from the point.


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D – Markov ($5,100) – Going with my comrade again. The PP with Galchenyuk, Markov, and Eller on it delivered for me once and I’m going back


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G – Andersson ($6,900) – Fell like Price is the obvious pick but he’s so expensive and Pitt has fire power. All set with the Oilers goalies. Not gonna take Fleury since I have all these Habs guys. That leaves Anaheim’s starter who played well in a 4 game stretch before shitting the bed Monday nightvs. the yotes.


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UTIL - Eller ($3,400) – what’s up Lars. What a name. Get one on the power play