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Aziz Ansari Here To Hit You In The Feels With This Facebook Post About His Dad




Last night Aziz Ansari went on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert to talk about his new show on Netflix “Master Of None”. First off, the show is pretty great and incredibly easy to binge through. KFC wrote a quick little review the other day and everything he said on the show was spot on (read here). Anyway, Aziz got his real life mom and dad to play the role of his parents in the show and his dad is absolutely electrifying. Sneakily the funniest part of the whole show. So last night while Aziz was on Colbert, his dad went on to surprise him and they had a nice little moment and yada yada yada, then this morning Aziz posted this nice little message on Facebook about what a great guy his dad is. And I gotta admit, that between all the bullshit in Missouri and Yale and everything else that was talked about on the Rundown yesterday, it’s nice to see some things on the internet that don’t completely make your blood boil. I know that not everyone in the world has had a great relationship with their parents but either way, you should still find the time to give them a call sometime soon if you haven’t done so in a while. Especially today if they’ve served, but I’m sure you would have already called them up by now anyway if that was the case. But if they have and you didn’t call them yet, make sure to let them know that Jordie says thank you for their service as well.

And if you haven’t started to watch Master of None yet, I also recommend getting on that. Have fun falling in love with Noel Wells along the way.