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So I Guess The Third Week Of April Always Sucks


So everyone can agree, this week has fucking suuuucked. Just a whirlwind of shitty things. Terrorism, explosions, massive flooding, last night/today’s manhunt that has resulted in police officer injuries and deaths. Just awful shit all around. Well guess what. I guess this is just standard operating procedure for the Third week in April. I had no idea but its a well documented thing. Every spring in  the third week of April shit pops off. I don’t really get it but it seems like more than a coincidence. Add to the list Hitler’s birthday, Titanic sinking, Lincoln’s Assanination and Tax Day and I think its safe to say that third week in April is the absolute worst. So I don’t know if this manhunt is going to take 1 day, 2 days, 3 days or a week, but I do know that come Sunday night I’ll be happy this fucking week is finally over.


And just a reminder that not all of life is bad. Now lets find this motherfucker