The 30 For 30 About Rocky Balboa Ending The Cold War May Be The Greatest Piece Of Non-Fiction Work This Century

I’ll be the first to admit the 30 For 30 parodies are about to jump the shark, but this one is too well done to ignore. Was it funny? Not exactly. But dammit, it’s as realistic as a documentary about a fictional boxer ending an a half century long standoff between countries can get. Why the Commies decided to switch their allegiance to Rocky in the middle of their country’s biggest battle since Stalingrad, one will never know. Maybe it was Rocky’s spirit. Maybe it was the realization Democracy will always prevail. Maybe it was because it’s a fucking movie. Whatever the reason, we must remain thankful for this moment in time becoming the catalyst for the fall of the entire Soviet Union. Well done, Rocky. Well done, indeed.

Again – from when I attempted to crash the Creed press conference last week – Really, Sly?

PS – At least Apollo’s estranged son Vince Howard is on point with stroke victims yelling his way: