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We're All This Dog Who Can't Keep His Eyes Open After a Sleepless Night


I’ve said it once I’ll say it 1,000 times, whenever you can kick off the day with a cute dog video, you do it. And today’s video might as well be a video of all of us. I don’t know anyone who gets enough sleep. Nobody is ever refreshed or feeling well rested, we’re all zombies. It’s nearly impossible to get enough sleep so you don’t have to chug coffee at 2pm. For those of you who wake up at 6am and commute to work, work all day, then get home at 7pm, I don’t know how you do it. Having to then decide if you want to watch sports and eat dinner or do something like go to the gym. There’s just not enough hours in the day. And then you don’t sleep on weekends because it’s your only time to have fun. The work life is a brutal, never-ending circle of sleepiness.

And then if you’re in school, of course you aren’t sleeping besides napping between classes. Too much studying and drinking to do. The dog 1000000% reminded me of when you nod off in class and you’re fighting with all your might to keep your head up, but then your head drops like a bag of bricks, and you instantly shoot it back up, only to lose that battle and have it drop again. One of the most insane feelings in the world- you know what’s happening but you literally can’t control it. That’s that dog, and that’s all of us.