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This Wheel Of Fortune Contestant Seemingly Stroked Out And Still Won, Just Incredible

I do not know what I just watched. Wheel Of Fortune does not require many skills. You have to know the ABC’s, have arms to spin a wheel, and maybe an IQ over 75 to be able to solve a puzzle or 2. That’s about it. Nura better have been rushed to the ER directly following that puzzle because that is a stroke if I’ve ever seen one. I have Smitty on the line and he can confirm that she had a stroke.

The real losers here though are the other 2 contestants. You have Nura up there guessing Z and X and no letters at all when literally all you have to do is say any letter in the alphabet, and they still lost to her. They should never be allowed to show their faces in public again. How do you lose to Nura in a game where you have to say words and she can’t say individual letters?

Just goes to show that if you hit a prize puzzle, the entire game is thrown off kilter. Wheel Of Fortune has such a high luck factor, you can be easily the best player on the show but if someone hits a couple prizes, they win so easily. I hate that prizes go into the grand total. One vacation to the Bahamas and Nura wins the game despite standing up there with no blood in her brain.