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Mizzou Student Ripped Out Of House By Cops Over A Noise Complaint...No This Is Not A Reblog

Reader Email #1

It was my neighbor. I just talked to him and he said that until all legal issues are resolved he can’t make a comment. It all began with a noise complaint, apparently from our neighbor across the street (who is also a cop). The cop walked up to the door and automatically claimed that he smelled pot though no one was smoking. The kid that got man-handled just told the cops they had no reason to come into the house. I wasn’t there but I watched from outside. My roommates were there and saw the entirety of it, and I’m friends with the girl that took the video (the obnoxious one commentating). I can tell you that I was in my room,which is like 5 feet from the neighbors house, prior to the incident and they weren’t being loud at all. The cop across the street supposedly isn’t a big fan of the kid, not sure if that played into it.

Reader Email #2

The cop across the street is a total douche and constantly calls the cops on kids in the neighborhood for “noise complaints” (it’s a popular Mizzou neighborhood, why the fuck are you living there?). They sent I think 5 or 6 squad cars and the guy who walked up to the door immediately said he smelled weed (obvious bullshit to get him to open the door)…ended up charged with resisting and disorderly conduct but no marijuana charges, obviously. Nobody saw him come even close to resisting and you can see in the video that’s going viral he didn’t even really argue or raise his voice or anything they just ripped him out and slammed him into the ground.

All my hardos from the Alabama police beating blog who said that’s totally fine because he “touched his arm” and resisted…

…what’s the play on this one? He…spoke too calmly? Didn’t passively fall flat on his face and break his nose immediately when ripped out of the house by the officers? I don’t know, sure he had it coming though. “Yeah dude stop being such an entitled cunt if a cop thinks your music is too loud in a college neighborhood you get on your knees and say please sir beat me unconscious thank you sir.”

If cops show up for a noise complaint, you turn down your music. If you refuse, you get arrested. If you resist arrest or make contact with an officer, you get a little bit roughly arrested. None of that is up for debate, at least not by me. If you’re standing in a quiet home with a few other people milling around and aren’t a violent criminal or a threat to anyone, you shouldn’t be ripped from your doorway and piledriven into the ground and beaten with flashlights and billy clubs. Really not making a groundbreaking argument here.


Was this illegal? I’m not sure if this was illegal. Does anyone have an opinion on if it was illegal? Ask the girl in the background. Yeah the one filming it. Excuse me miss can you please stop being so quiet for a second and let us know your opinion on whether this was legal or illegal?