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Eric Staal Tried To Make Sure Dion Phaneuf Never Has Children With Elisha Cuthbert By Rocketing a Shot At His Dick Last Night


Now flash foward to the end of the game..



And goodnight, Dion Phaneuf. Not only did Staal hang in the fight where he was overmatched, but then he rocketed a puck as hard as he could trying to neuter Phaneuf. Elisha Cuthbert would not have been too pleased if he came home with a broken cock. Nothing but props to Staal. Phaneuf has always been one of the most annoying players in the league, feels kinda good to see Staal put him on a poster like that..and I’m not too fond of Mr. Staal either. That’s just two guys with big hockey balls not backing down. Phaneuf casually standing there as Staal winds up to shoot it with all his might right at Phaneuf’s dick. Staal deciding to do it in the first place then staring him down after. I believe that’s what the kids refer to as keeping it hunnit.

PS: Mrs. Elisha Phaneuf Cuthbert in Old School and Girl Next Door, never ever ever forget.