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PSA: The Gas Station Will Explode If You Drive Away With The Pump Still Attached To Your Car


KA-BOOM! I’ve actually never done this which is surprising.  I’ve left the gas flap open a million times but never this.  I’ll be cursing down the street, look in my rearview mirror and there it is.  Openly mocking me as it waves to the other drivers on the road.  But you know what?  It’s not a terrible idea to have this happen every time somebody leaves the pump in their car and then tries to zoom away.  Drive away with the pump still in your car?  Well then the gas station blows up.  Simple as that.  It might take a few times, and we’ll burn down some gas stations and kill a few people in the process. but eventually people would stop driving away with the pump in their car.  Is it a big enough problem to take such drastic measures?  I mean probably not but it’d be fucking awesome.