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Has Anybody Ever Been More Butthurt For Outing Themselves For Cheating Than Jerry Rice?






This is sneaky one of my favorite ongoing sub plots on the planet. As a reminder Jerry Rice acted like he was mother theresea with Deflategate. Saying that if you cheat even a tiny bit their should be asterisks next to your entire career. Then of course people dug up the NFL films clip of him openly saying he used stickem on his hands which of course was cheating. Rice quickly reversed field, deleted all his negative tweets about the Pats and is still basically getting in twitter fights with any Joe Schmoe who calls him on it. He’s done everything from saying he never used stick em, to saying he didn’t know it was illegal to saying he was misquoted by himself. It’s laugh out loud funny watching him squirm.  The best part is nobody even gives a fuck except him.  That’s why everybody should chirp Rice about stick em anytime anybody drops a pass in the either college or NFL game. “Like hey that guy could have used some of stick em on that play huh Jerry” It may literally drive him insane.