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Super Casual Building Explosion In The Background Of A Soccer Game



No big deal. Just a GIANT explosion literally next to the soccer stadium. Huge fireball and debris all over the goddamn place.  Everybody seemed a little too casual about it for my liking. They acted like this was a regular occurrence.  Like it started raining or something.  Not that an entire building just went up in smoke in a matter of seconds. Maybe it is a regular occurrence in Romania.  Hell if I know. I just know my first instinct when shit starts to hit the fan and stuff is blowing up everywhere isn’t, “Should we stop the game or nah? Fiiiiiiiiiiine” and then slowly make my way off the field. In all honesty I probably shouldn’t be surprised by their reaction to it. We’ve seen people get hit in the face with flares and even killed at soccer games. Buildings exploding is child’s play when it comes to international soccer.