This Is The Face of a Guy Who Was Arrested For Riding His Bike Inside Of a Market And Pulling Out A Knife

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7 online - Madera police say a suspect was not happy about his arrest and protested by making this face for his booking photo. Nathaniel Follette was riding his bicycle inside Rancho San Miguel Market. When the manager and security asked him to leave, they say he pulled out a pocket knife. He was still holding the knife when officers arrived, but they quickly took him into custody and captured this memorable mug shot.


Love this guy’s thought process. He wasn’t happy about being arrested, so how was he going to show the cops who the boss was? Yep, by making a face in his available to the public mugshot. Boom! He showed those coppers who really runs the joint. It reminds me of the South Park when Cartman put Butters’ dick in his mouth and thought it made Butters gay.

By the way, insane facial hair game on that guy. I don’t completely comprehend what he’s working with there, but he’s 100% definitely the type of dude to ride a bike inside of a market and to not listen to authority when they ask him to stop. I’m not going to listen to you, mahhhhhhhhhn. Can’t take away my freedoms, mahhhhhhhhhn.