Yeah, This Eagles Fan Screaming In A Cowboys Fan's Face Probably Deserved To Get Cold Cocked

Hey, I’m not going to defend the Eagles fan solely because we both bleed green. I’m also not going to rail into the Dallas supporter for being a overall plague on society. This is about stadium and life ethics. If you don’t want to get cracked into the next dimension, don’t ggressively scream in someone’s face. Simple as that. I’m not saying the Eagles fan was wearing a size 6 and deserved it, but he was kind of asking for a scene.

These types of shenanigans happen in every city, every game. No fanbase is immune to having their gaggle of dicks in the general population. It’s just like the Giants fan that got absolutely WOMPED earlier this year and even later admitted he was acting like a jackass. Shit’s gonna go down no matter what when you’re asking for trouble in any situation.