Thank You, God. VICTORY!!!

I don’t care that the Eagles probably should have lost. I don’t care if Dez was playing with two working wheels and if Romo and Sean Lee were healthy the Cowboys ROLL. I don’t care that for every minute you watch this team it takes at least a full month off your life. The Philadelphia Eagles went into a must win game in Dallas and came out with a victory. The season is still alive, and life is worth living another week. Who knows what will happen if the ball gets goosing a little here. This squad controls its own destiny and could get real hot real quick heading into the postseason.

We’re back home next week against a Miami team who has come back down to Earth after their coach has beaten the royal piss out of them in practice. Let’s get over the hump and the pieces will start fitting together in the puzzle, right? KNOCK KNOCK MOTHERFUCKERS!