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Welcome Back DeSean!

Heyyyyooooo! He’s back baby! Sat out every game since tweaking his hammy in game 1, comes back today, and is already getting on the coaching, the playcalling, and Kirk. NO. FUCKING. THANK YOU. The Skins were doing just fine without him. Won a game here and there. The lockerroom was a happy place. The team gelled and competed. DeSean does not need to come back after 8 weeks and make it all about himself. The Skins have moved on from being a circus. There hasn’t been a single problem all regular season. Just a bunch of guys having each other’s backs, trying to win games. Someone needs to pull DeSean aside and tell him to shut the fuck up and be a professional. He thinks he’s going to come back after missing every game and just have the entire offense in sync, revolving around him after 1 week of practice where he maybe took 20% of reps? Get real DeSean. We’re not doing this circus bullshit anymore.