The Internet Is Working It's Ass Off Trying To Solve The Boston Marathon Bombing


So I’m not sure if people are watching this but currently the internet is doing WORK trying to solve the bombings on Monday. Some may call it just a bunch of nutjobs circling non-white people on MS Paint but at the same time I feel like anyone actively trying to figure this out and bring these scumbags to justice should be commended. The FBI is probably doing the exact same thing right now but this is one of those situations where the more eyes the better. Because honestly, I’ve tried to look at this a few times and just get dizzy. It’s like the hardest Magic Eye/Where’s Waldo ever created. Here’s the whole link, take a look. Who knows if it does anything, who knows if the bomber is even in any of these pictures, who knows what race/sex/age the real bomber is, but then again any tip could lead to finding these assholes.


Even crime solvers have time to stop and admire a great ass. I think Batman said that.

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