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Do You Want To Watch Christina Milian Participate In A Twerk Class? (The Answer Is Yes)


I somehow always forget about Christina Milian.  She’s sorta famous and she sorta isn’t.  She’s dated a few rappers over the years and that’s seemingly how she stayed relevant.  That video is from a reality show I didn’t even know she had.  So that should tell you something about her fame.  Either way, she’s smoking hot, has a dynamite body and I’ll watch her at a twerk class all day.  Twerking is one of the great things this generation can hang its hat on.  Despite all the flaws of this generation, twerking is great when done correctly.  I’m gonna be an old guy at the nursing home talking about how in my day twerking was great.  I’ll watch chicks twerk for forever.


Full disclosure: You clicked on the blog for Christina Milian, you’ll stick around for Lexy Panterra.  I think I’m obsessed.  How long do you think you’d last?  I give myself .3 seconds before I bust.  And that might be generous.  White girls with nice asses are da best.