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Dave The Baby Giraffe At The Brookfield Zoo Just Doing His Thing

Figured something light like a Baby Giraffe is the best way to segue back into more normal content. If you don’t think it’s appropriate to be doing this, I understand. People deal with these things differently. Everyone has to do what is best for them personally. Barstool is meant to be a distraction from real world problems, hopefully we can do that today more than ever.

The Brookfield Zoo’s 5-month-old giraffe named Dave made his outdoor debut over the weekend. He and the other giraffes were able to access the outdoor habitat for the first time this year. Watch the giraffes stretch their long, long legs. Dave comes on camera around the 0:35 mark.


Love this little guy. Frolicking around without a care in the world. Would love to take Dave the Giraffe home and keep him in my apartment. Could you imagine bringing a chick back to your spot and being like oh yeah that cute little fucker prancing around in my kitchen? Yeah that’s just Dave the Giraffe. Instant dick sucking. Instant. Might even let Dave watch, if he’s in to that type of shit.



Brookfield Zoo really nailed the Serengeti vibe. Never would have thought this was the west side of Chicago


Update – Good catch by JohnElwaysTeeth. Dave is kind of a pussy huh?