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New Tinder-Like Dating App Called "High There" Connects Stoners Who Are Also Looking To Fuck

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The Guardian- There’s no shortage of specialist dating sites on offer, from PURRsonals for cat lovers to Uniform Dating for fans of those in uniforms. However, Monkey was surprised to read on Mashable that a marijuana user from Denver has created a smartphone app to help cannabis lovers to hook up with each other. It reports that Todd Mitchem created the High There app after his matches on dating sites were put off by the fact that he was a pot smoker.  “We wanted to build a cool piece of technology that solved the problem of where do million and millions of cannabis consumers go to meet people, connect with people and build relationships,” Mitchem told Mashable. “A lot of people say we’re the Tinder of weed, but that’s only one facet of the whole thing. It’s so much bigger.” The free app is available in the US on the Android store and will soon make its debut on Apple’s App Store. However, it is available only in the 23 states where marijuana is legal, decriminalised or can be used for medical purposes. Monkey hopes it will lead to smoking passions among weed smokers.



Boom!  People helping people.  That’s what I like to see.  It’s like Tinder but better because, not only do you get to have sex, but you also get smoked up.  Win-win for all parties involved.  It’s just one more step until we have everything we need at our finger tips.  We pretty much do already but apps like this really bring it all together.  This one is a good idea though.  Finding like-minded people to smoke with can be a bear.  Especially when trying to find people of the opposite sex to smoke with.  Some people talk too much.  Others don’t know the first thing about what they’re doing.  Or sometimes it’ll be a person’s first time and you don’t wanna deal with the drama that comes along with that.  You just wanna relax and have a good time.  Each of those things I just listed could be said about either sex or smoking weed.  That’s why High There is genius.  Matching up with people you wanna have sex with is just like matching up with people you wanna blaze with.  Why not combine the two?  That had to be what the people at High There were thinking.  And I know they’re marketing it as a way for stoners to connect and hang out and meet new people.  But let’s be real, it’s for people who wanna burn one and do the no pants dance.