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Boston Tributes In Chicago

Thought it would be a little weird to hop right back into it so instead of doing that I figured sharing some of the Chicago tributes would be a little more appropriate…

Moment of silence at the Blackhawks game last night


Flag at half mast at the Tribune Building yesterday.


Front page of the Trib today


“It’s just terrible.’’ Thibodeau said, hours before the game with the Orlando Magic. “Our hearts go out to the victims, their families, the first responders, everybody there. It’s very, very sad.’’

Thibodeau was born in New Britain, Conn., and attended college at Salem State University, which was about 15 miles from Boston. He became a key fixture in the Boston Celtics’ 2008 NBA Championship season, working as an assistant coach and a huge factor in the stellar defense that was played on the road to that title,

He seemed to be deeply saddened by the news, especially because of how important he knows Patriot’s Day is to the city and surrounding communities.

“It’s huge,’’ he said of the holiday. “There’s so much going on and the entire meaning of that day. It’s so festive. “It’s unfathomable to think about something like that happening there. It’s a terrible day, terrible.’’


Some of the tweets


Also, not Chicago, but I thought what Patton Oswalt wrote yesterday was fantastic.